Write sql queries for the books database (discussed in section 18.3)

18.5 Write SQL queries for the books database (discussed in Section 18.3) that perform each of the following tasks: Select all authors from the Authors table with the columns in the order lastName, firstName and authorID. Select a specific author and list all books for that author. Include the title, year and ISBN number. Order the information alphabetically by title. Add a new author to the Authors table. Add a new title for an author (remember that the book must have an entry in the AuthorISBN table).

* Figure 18.3 is pictured below




18.7 Correct each of the following SQL statements that refer to the books database.

a.       SELECT firstName FROM author WHERE authorID = 3

b.      SELECT isbn, title FROM Titles ORDER WITH title DESC

c.       INSERT INTO Authors (authorID, firstName, lastName) VALUES (“2”, “Jane”, “Doe”)





23.3 (WebTime Modification) Modify the WebTime example in Section 23.4 to contain drop-down lists that allow the user to modify such Label properties as BackColor, ForeColor and Font-Size. Configure these drop-down lists so that a postback occurs whenever the user makes a selection. When the page reloads, it should reflect the specified changes to the properties of the Label displaying the time.


*Figure 23.4 is pictured above