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 Length: 6 Pages Maximum

Choose a real organisational case illustrating questionable organisational and management practices that have been critiqued in the public spaces. Examples include companies, such as BP, BHP, CommonWealth Bank, Toyota, WorldCom, VW; government agencies such as the Wheat Board, Wollongong Council; non-profits, e.g. Health Union, FIFA, Essendon Football Club.

You are welcome to choose a case from your home country as long as it represents questionable organisational/management practices and has been under public scrutiny.

  1. Analyse the reasons for these questionable organisational and management practices including the judgements made by leaders/managers of these organisations via relevant organisation theories. How accountable do you see have managers and leaders of the chosen organisation been in their actions and decisions?
  2. You must draw from two different Organisation Theory lenses from the following list of Organisation Theory perspectives:
    • Agency Theory
    • Institutional theory
    • Bureaucracy
    • Control
    • Stakeholder Theory
    • Power and Politics
    • Ethical & moral dimensions of Organisation Theories
    • Approaches on employee co-ownership and commons
    • Organisational culture
    • Stewardship
    • You must illustrate your deepening personal and critical awareness of management and organisational practices and how theoretical lenses in the literature can illuminate these practices

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