Wk 1 discussion | RSCH 8210 – Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis | Walden University


For our first discussion you should locate a research article in which a quantitative study is reported. This article should not be a theoretical article or a methods article, but should describe data collection and analysis using quantitative methods (not qualitative methods, or mixed methods) to test a prediction. Review the Resources section in our course for support using the Library to find an article.

Be sure to address these three questions in this week’s main post:

1. Describe how you think the research in the article is useful (e.g., what population is it helping? What problem is it solving?).

2. Using Y=f(X) +E notation, identify the independent and dependent variables. (The Deitz and Kalof, 2009, readings will help clarify this notation!)

3. How might the research models presented be wrong? What types of error might be present in the reported research?

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