Watch the video and then answer the questions listed below.


Fall of The Roman Empire…in the 15th Century: Crash Course World History #12
Duration: 12:44
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Watch the video and then answer the questions listed below.

Fall of the Roman Empire: World History Crash Course #12

1. The city of Rome was conquered by ____________________ in the year ____________.

2. Part of the reason Rome was doomed to fall is because it expanded greatly throughout the years and the further the territory is from the capital, the harder it is to ______________.

3. Why was it a poor decision for Rome to incorporate Germanic peoples into its army?

4. The Eastern Roman Empire that survived until the 15th century was known as the ______________________________________.  The name of their capital was _____________________ but the name was later changed to ______________________.

5. What were some of the reasons Constantine moved the capital east?

6. What are some characteristics that demonstrate continuity between the old, Western Roman Empire and the new, Eastern one beginning in the 4th century CE?

7. The most consistently Roman aspect of Byzantine society was that they _____________________________________.

8. What are three ways in which Justinian helped restore the former glory of the Roman Empire?

9. The Byzantines continued the Roman legacy of empire, war, and law for almost ____________ after Romulus Augustus was driven out of Rome.

10. The ____________ is the head of the Roman Catholic Church.  He serves as God’s regent on earth and doesn’t answer to any ruler; this caused tension in Western Europe over whether the Pope or the king should have the real power.

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