The text book practicing texas politics texas edition (16th edition),


1.Chapters from the text book Practicing Texas Politics Texas Edition (16th Edition), Brown, for this assignment: 3,4,5,6,10,13.



3. The report must be your own individual product in every way, contain words & expressions whose meaning you can enunciate when asked. I don’t expect a masterpiece but I do take any type of cheating very seriously.

4..Guidelines for this assignment:

 a. Treat each chapter separately, refer to each chapter by its title & number in the book. 

 b. Read each chapter in its entirety, mention 3-4 issues of the discussion per chapter, label the issues A,B,C,D, do not generalize, be specific, provide the substance of each issue according to the book in 1-2 sentences and your own comments in 1-2 additional sentences. Writing more than these guidelines will not diminish your grade.

c. Paper must be typed in 12 point font and double spaced.

d. compile your writings of the several chapters, put a title page on them indicating your name, the title of the assignment as: Written Assignments, Pols 236; Spring Semester 2016 & the time & day(s) of the class. Do not digress from these guidelines regarding organization of your report. 


4. Due date will be announced in class & your paper should be handed to me in class only on the due date(s). Do not leave your paper on my desk in the classroom or anywhere else or try to turn it in through another student or the internet or by any other means. When you submit your report be sure to put the first letter of your last name as your initial next to your name on the roster I will provide.

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