Reading a scientific article | Criminal homework help


Reading a Scientific Article

1. Read for overall comprehension 

2.To do this you need to understand the major sections of an article 

• Then seek to understand the main points of each section

Introduction: Provides background about the problem. Leads to the research question. States the research question

Method: Outlines the methods used to answer the research question. Should include information about the variables studied (and their definitions), time frames and design of data collection, and type of analysis (data handling: summary, comparisons, etc.). 

Findings: Gives the results of the analysis. 

Discussion or Implications: Discusses the findings in light of the original problem. Provides possible implications, the “so what” of the findings in light of the original problem.

•How do you know you are understanding it? 

•Explain the article to someone else. 

•Does the article tell a “story” to you? 

•Then you can seek to place the information from the article within your own learning and understanding.  

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