Q1: what differences and similarities would be present in user

 In approximately 300 words, answer the question below. 

Use of proper APA formatting and 5 citations are required

If supporting evidence from outside resources is used proper citation is required.

Your submission should largely consist of your own thoughts and ideas but may be supported by citations and references.  

Question 2:  In your own words, explain how threat modeling a system can help with development of realistic and meaningful security requirements. 

200 words, APA format with 4 citation 

Different Subject: Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations

Question 3:  

  1. Write a paper that describes a unique, non-tech risk. You cannot repeat what anyone else has used.
  2. In your Initial Post also describe how your firm, or another one, would best mitigate, remove, or pass along the risk to another entity. You must be descriptive. For example, you cannot simply say that “The best way to avoid the risk of hurricanes is to buy insurance.”

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