Provide answers and feedback on these concerns


1. please Write down and read the document below “Task for qualitative data analysis_Excerpts interviews of trainee teachers” (See attach). Use the excerpts from the interviews and the thematic analysis phases as presented in this week’s materials in order to generate ‘codes’ or ‘themes’. 

Create at least two (2) themes. Produce a brief report (phase 7) (maximum word count: 500 words) to present 1 of the themes. 

2.  Read carefully the following research problem:

“Research studies suggest that teachers’ attitudes towards the inclusion of students with disabilities are influenced by a number of interrelated factors. For example, some earlier studies indicate that the nature of disability and the associated educational problems presented influence teachers’ attitudes. These are termed as ‘child-related’ variables.  Other studies suggest demographic and other personality factors which can be classified as ‘teacher-related’ factors. Finally, the specific context is found to be another influencing factor and can be termed as ‘educational environment-related’ (Avramidis & Norwich, 2002).  

Based on this research problem, please provide a research question that can address two or more variables. Bear in mind that the research question needs to use quantitative terms, defining the variables you will use.

 Finally, discuss which statistical test you would use to answer your research question and explain the rationale behind your choice. 

3. During the module you had the opportunity to engage with various topics related to the area of Research Practices and Methodologies. Throughout the whole lesson, you got involved in the Research Practices and Methodologies for academic purpose.

Now, describe/provide/present three (3) points of the module that could help you improve your Learning and provide examples from your practice and experience in an academic research.

Then, write your thoughts and provide feedback as your final thoughts about Research Practices and Methodologies

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