Policy writing and analysis | PAD 520 Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation | Strayer University

 Policy Writing and Analysis

Write a 3–5 page policy brief in which you will:

Demonstrate that you have a basic understanding of the principles of public policy briefings.

  1. Use the week’s readings and video about writing a public policy brief as your references for this assignment.
  2. Use the structural elements of policy writing to compose a 3–5 page policy brief that applies to a local, state, or federal issue.

Gun violence is on the minds of many Americans. Using the key structural elements (for example, background checks are needed), encourage politicians to work with interests group to formulate the language and set the agenda. Then mobilize support in and outside Congress to advocate for tougher background check requirements. Next, propose the policy options stage and find a government agency (Department of Justice) to implement new rules for background checks, evaluating the effectiveness of the new policy and suggesting improvements if necessary.

Your assignment must follow these content and formatting requirements:

  • Integrate policy concepts to demonstrate your analytical insights from the readings and your own research with evidence to support remarks about policy issues and problems.
  • Demonstrate full understanding of the public policy concepts and show that your application is relevant and aligns to the learning outcomes.
  • Develop your brief in a cohesive manner, with a logical flow of public policy information from one topic to the next; ensure evidence from resources support your ideas and topics.
  • Ensure your writing demonstrates an understanding of the relationship among materials regarding public policy obtained from all sources.
  • Develop a brief that shows focus on the topic, and create a thoughtful presentation using the thesis statement to provide the focus of the paper with enough scope for in-depth discussion of the public policy concepts and application.
  • Ensure the thesis statement indicates the position taken by the author in the paper, and there is strong evidence to support the public policy position.
  • Developed a brief that shows expert use of the examples for public policy writing.
  • Appropriately incorporate at least two quality sources. A quality source can be either grey literature, such as a news article, or scholarly, such as peer reviewed/professional industry references. In the case of public administration, government or nonprofit websites are appropriate quality resources.

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