Peer response 2 | ENG121 English Composition I | Ashford University


  • Indicate how their story is different than, or similar to, your own.
  • Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences or program of study and career choice

  should be 100 words 



In 5 years personally, I want to have a second income coming in outside of the military. Whether it be my own business, Stocks or even a partnership, I just want a solid backup plan if I decide to get out of the Air Force. Professionally I want to still be in school working towards a doctorate in Psychiatry. The moment that has led me to this very moment is hearing the Marine recruiter talk to my Senior class back in High School. He talked about the military bringing financial stability and education benefits. My family is a huge reason in why I decided to take this path. I wanted to help relieve some financial pressure off them and I thought this was a good, stable way for me to go off on my own as an adult as well. Of course, since this was the first time being far from home on my own, an obstacle I had to overcome was homesickness.

A strength I like to think I bring anywhere I go is Optimism. This is not a strength I just woke up with one day. It is something I had to work on and get better at over time. I saw (and still see to this day) that some people deal with challenges by complaining and some people deal with challenges by bringing hopefulness to the situation. The people who complained brought everyone else down with them and I knew that I did not want to be that person that brings more hardship to an already hard situation.  I think working on my education will help me further develop my strength so that when assignments get hard, it will teach me to continue to look at the brighter side and to keep pushing. My goal is to do my best at whatever I decide to do in life. Whether it is my day-to-day job or helping someone with a simple task. What this goal means to me is that I will do everything wholeheartedly.

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