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EBP Poster & Presentation

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       1. At a minimum, EBP/research posters should include the following sections:

        1.Title, Student Name, Widener University

         2. Abstract (150-250 words max)

          3. Introduction / Background (Keep it brief!)

           4. Clinical Issue: Identify clinical issue, significance & and PICO(T) question

            5. Search Process: brief – databases & keywords used

            6. Critical Appraisal of Evidence: brief! Identify and synthesize key findings from 3 research articles related to your topic (and PICO(T) question) that have been critically appraised and evaluated for a potential change in nursing practice (* articles must be from peer-reviewed journals & ideally published within the past 5-7 years [unless it is a seminal work on the topic]).

           7. Summary of Practice Recommendations: summarize the key practice changes that are recommended based on your findings.

           8. Conclusion: Provide a few sentences concluding your topic & findings.

           9. References: must be in APA format

           2. Posters should be developed using an electronic scientific poster template. Free templates using PowerPoint can be found at ( (Links to an external site.)). The typical poster size for conferences is 48×36 (landscape). The design/layout you select is up to you and should be appropriate for the information that you plan to present.

   3. Tips for creating EBP posters:

  • Keep words to a minimum! Should have fewer words in each section than your papers.
  • Include as much white space as possible.
  • Images, graphs, and charts are a great way to display information (instead of text).
  • Bullet points make information easier to read in a poster.
  • Font size in a 48×36 poster should be at least 24 points.
  • 4.  Students will exhibit &/or verbally present their posters on the Poster Day if being held in person -OR- in person virtually if course is being held in an online platform (such as Zoom). Other nursing students and faculty may be invited to attend to view the posters so that a conference-like atmosphere is attained. 

Click on the attachment for more detail, examples and grading rubric.

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