Organization logistic value | Management homework help

This week you will select an organization that you find interesting as an organization, such as Walmart, Amazon, etc., and describe the logistics value proposition.

Length and format: 800 words


In this week’s materials we’ve looked at Logistics as a whole, and Logistical value proposition specifically. The definition you can find online is simple enough: Logistical value proposition is a cost framework that aims to match of operating competency and commitment to meet the individual of selected groups of customers’ expectations and requirements. A well-designed logistical network must have high customer response with low operational variance and minimum inventory commitment. However, the combinations will be different for different groups. Well designed and operated logistical system can help firms to achieve competitive advantage.

Write your paper to answer the following questions:

  1. How important is Logistical value proposition to the organization?
  2. Describe an event or issue that you were part of where logistical value proposition
    was not evident, and what would you do to improve it, based on this week’s
  3. Why are we placing such a focus on this topic, this first week?
  4. Is Logistical value proposition really such and important concept to the success of a
    business? Why or why not?