Nutrition | Applied Sciences homework help

Topic Lactose intolerance   

Research your topic and prepare a video to virtually educate the students. For the research, Utilize reputable .gov and .edu websites,

as well as and . Be sure to state your references.

 Instructions are below.

Part A – A written transcript ( 150-300 words) must accompany the assignment. This can be used for closed captioning for hearing impaired persons. It should include all the requested information. (15 points)

  • Causes of the disorder
  •  risk factors
  •  Symptoms
  •   medical and /or nutrition management,
  • potential long-term effects of the disorder

Part B- 2- 5 minute video on assigned topic. Videos that go over 5 minutes will not be graded. (15 points)

  • You must show your face at least in the beginning as you introduce your topic.
  • it must be your own voice throughout the video.
  • You may use graphics, powerpoints, animations, etc.
  • You must cover all requested information

Part C- Comment on one of your colleague’s post (50-100 words) stating what new information you learned and how this

might impact your behavior in the future.

Share an experience or pose a question to enhance further discussion 

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