Nursing concept map and narrative | Evidence Based Practice | Capella University



Integrate relevant evidence from 3–5 current scholarly or professional sources to support your assertions.

  • Apply      correct APA formatting to all in-text citations and references.
  • Attach      a reference list to your narrative.

Concept Map

  • Develop      a concept map for the individual patient, based upon the best available      evidence for treating your patient’s health, economic, and cultural needs.      The concept map needs to include a biophysical nursing diagnosis, a      psycosocial nursing diagnosis and an educational nursing diagnosis. NANDA      website can be used as reference to search for nursing diagnosis.


Develop a narrative (2-3pages) for your concept map.

  • Analyze      the needs of your patient and their family, and determine how those needs      will influence a patient-centered concept map. 
    • Consider       how your patient’s economic situation and relevant environmental factors       may have contributed to your patient’s current condition or affect their       future health.
    • Consider       how your patient’s culture or family should influence your concept map.
  • Justify      the value and relevance of the evidence you used as the basis of your      concept map. 
    • Explain       why your evidence is valuable and relevant to your patient’s case.
    • Explain       why each piece of evidence is appropriate for both the health issue you       are trying to correct and for the unique situation of your patient and       their family.
  • Propose      relevant and measurable criteria for evaluating the degree to which the      desired outcomes of your concept map were achieved. 

Explain why your proposed criteria are appropriate and useful measures  

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