Nr503 epidemiology midterm exam latest/nr503 epidemiology midterm


1. 6,750 people who were free of disease X were enrolled in a cohort study in 1985 and followed with annual exams and interviews through 1995. Exposure to factor A was determined at study enrollment and the participants were followed until 1995 to observe new cases of disease X. Data from the study at the end of follow-up are shown in the following table. What is the incidence rate of disease X among persons exposed to factor A?


Exposure   to Factor A

People   with Disease X

People   without Disease X


Not   Exposed







Select one:

a. 0.04

b. 0.19

c. 0.25

d. 4.00

e. 5.17

2. A disease has an incidence of 10 per 1,000 persons per year, and 80% of those affected will die within 1 year. Prior to the year 2000, only 50% of cases of the disease were detected by physician diagnosis prior to death. In the year 2000, a lab test was developed that identified 90% of cases an average of 6 months prior to symptom onset; however, the prognosis did not improve after diagnosis. Comparing the epidemiology of the disease prior to 2000 with the epidemiology of the disease after the development of the lab test, which statement is true concerning the disease in 2000?

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