Mro sourcing goes global | Management homework help

This paper will need to be sent to me by noon on Monday 2/18/19 and is due to the school no later than 5PM on Monday 2/18/19.  I would like to have time to review and add/edit if needed.  

Review the article attached. 

In a two to three page paper outlined in APA format (not including the title and reference pages), identify how your organization or an organization you are familiar with, can improve in the following best practice areas represented in the article: 

1.  Identification of spend types in your purchasing

2.  Identify suppliers with capabilities for global business

3.  Strategy of integrated supply approach with distributors

4.  Processes to track performance of suppliers including cost of ownership and outsourcing. 

This paper must have 2-scholarly sources in addition to the two following:

Avery, S. (2009, February). MRO sourcing goes globalPurchasing, 138(2), 48-52. Retrieved from ProQuest Database. 

Johnson, P. F., Leenders, M. R., & Flynn, A. E. (2015). Purchasing and supply management (15th ed.). Retrieved from 

Other Requirements:

Less than 15% of the paper can be quotes.  85% of the paper must be your own orginal words.  No plagiarism please!