Module 6 – two attachments

Module 6 

Exercise 11.5: Securing Your Computer 

Using either your home computer or a lab computer, follow the guidelines given in this chapter to secure that chapter to secure that computer. Those steps should include the following: 

1.  Scan for all the patches and install them.

2.  Shut down all unneeded services. 

3.  Install antivirus software. (A demo version can be used for this exercise).

4.  Install antispyware software. (A demo version can be used for this exercise).

5.  Set appropriate password permissions. 

A screen shot is required for each of the 5 steps, along with commentary/narration explaining what you’re doing and why.  A brief summary at the end is also required. This will be the first attachment, please cite any references used. 


Case Study

Juan Garcia is the network administrator for a small company that also maintains its own web server. He has taken the following precautions.

-All computers are patched, have antivirus software, and have unneeded services shut down.

-The network has a firewall with proxy server and IDS.

-The organization has a policy requiring passwords of ten characters in length, and they must be changed every 90 days.

Has Juan done enough to secure the network? What other actions would you recommend he take?

This should be in a research paper format, including references and citations from the references to support the actions and recommendations you choose. 

This will be the second attachment. 

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