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       Individual assignment

       You have been hired as a consultant to the senior director at Micawber Capital (KEL #712, 2012), one of India’s largest microfinance organizations. Your main task is to recommend a corporate structure and organization for Micawber. Evaluate the materials in the case study and provide a recommendation focused on answering the three questions posed at the end of the second-to-last paragraph (p. 8).

       Format: a business memorandum of no more than 1000 words of text (use standard fonts and margins, single-spacing, and double-sided printing), including a concise executive summary.  Use visual aids to clarify, simplify, and/or emphasize your ideas, and integrate them within the text rather than as appendices (they don’t count against the word limit).  Memorandum should have a professional appearance, be formatted with page numbers and descriptive headings, and include proper citations of at least three outside sources using APA style.  Your memo should be free of grammatical, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and other basic English language usage errors.

At minimum*, the memorandum should include the following:

       An executive summary, providing a concise overview of your analysis, insights, and recommendation.

       Brief statement of the issues as you understand them, focusing on the three questions posed at the end of the second-to-last paragraph (p. 8).

       Identification of the specific social responsibility and ethical factors relevant to the issue, along with application of the key ethical theories to the facts of this case.


** please no plaigrisim no copy