Management & organization behavior class two discussions

1st Discussion Questions:-


1. Explain what is a “At Will State”

2. How can a company use HR management to gain a competitive advantage?

3. Give 3 reasons companies recruit internally and 3 reasons they recruit externally

4. Identify and explain 3 challenges that can arise from employee appraisals

2nd  Discussion Questions:-


5. Identify 3 major Acts by Congress that have influence HR management, explain how?

6. Identify 4 major changes in the US workforce and their impacts on HR management

7. Discuss the term “Managing Diversity”

8. Identify and explain 3 challenges with managing a diverse workforce

9. List 4 strategies a company can implement to cultivate diversity  

Teacher Feeds Back(  You can’t just use the textbook and the Internet to answer the questions, you must also have your own opinions explained in your own words in a few sentences )

I also attached the book