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 1. Comment on the statement: “Strategic Management is an Ongoing Process” (20 points) 

2. Identify at least two current trends in strategic management. Discuss briefly how these had impacted on strategic management. (40 points) 

3. Read through the following Required Reading Materials: 

a. “Organizational Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation with Analysis of Challenges and Benefits for Profit and Nonprofit Organiztions”. by: Moses Jeremiah Barasa Kabeyi 

b. “Strategic Management in the Complexity Paradigm” by: Vahid Khashei and Iman Ashoteh 

Instruction for question 3a and b

Prepare a short reaction paper (not more than 1,000 words). The reaction paper should include a short summary of the work, but the main focus is your thoughts, feelings, impressions and rationalizations about what’s discussed in the original text. (40 points) 

4.  Read and analyze the statements below. Answers should be substantial and comprehensive. 

Limit your answerto 2 pages, font size is 11 Times New Roman 

Pick 2 companies with international operations like GAP, Nestle, and Toyota. Identify what issues are important to evaluate before they go on international operation for these companies as they develop their strategies. Analyze in terms of the trade-offs between pressure for management effectiveness/efficiency and pressure for local responsiveness. 

How should each company be organized in order to successfully carry out their strategy? Develop a framework for each company