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The required book is Interactive: Organizational Behavior Interactive 2nd Edition but I don’t have it.

 I provided an example and the rubric to follow 

View the following video. You can also access it by typing the following link into your browser: Alford Interview on than give you a fictitious organizational situation, I am asking you to apply your knowledge of human motivation to real interview commentary.  I call this a “living case” opportunity.  The Living Case video features Michael Alford,  the Zyzelewski Family Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics who was in charge of CMU Intercollegiate Athletics from 2017-2020.  (Mr. Alford is currently CEO of Seminole Boosters at Florida State University.)  The topic of the case is Motivation.  AD Alford provides a presentation about his background and the principles he uses to motivate himself and others.   After viewing his presentation, you will need to address the four questions and requested descriptions below.  The Living Case will be graded on an 80-point basis.  
A SAMPLE CASE WRITE-UP HAS BEEN PROVIDED FOR YOUR VIEWING WITHIN THE COURSE Bb SHELL.  USE IT TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR WRITE-UP!Here are the questions and descriptions required for the Living Case assignment.Describe AD Alford’s basic assumptions regarding motivation.  That is, what are the underlying principles which guide him as he motivates student-athletes, staff members, and himself?  (Points:  0 – 20) 
Describe at least two (2) theories of motivation (based upon those frameworks of motivation presented in the text such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Goal Setting Theory, Expectancy Theory, Equity Theory, the Job Characteristics Model, etc.) which best describe AD Alford’s motivational actions. (Points:  0-20)  
Describe how AD Alford uses different motivational approaches for different people (i.e., student-athletes, staff members, etc.).  (Points:  0-20)
From your personal perspective, describe several important lessons a new manager could learn from AD Alford regarding how to motivate others to higher levels of performance.  (Points: 0-20)Please provide complete and detailed answers to all four items.  A typical paper must be a minimum of four (4) pages in length using doubled spaced text and normal one (1) inch margins.  There is, however, no page limit for the written assignment.  Generally speaking, “more is better.”  Make sure you provide specific and detailed examples from the Speaker’s presentation and his/her answers to your questions in addressing the above items.  To receive the maximum score on the case write-up, it is required that you reference material from the textbook and/or the recorded lectures to support your statements in the paper.  You don’t have to use any particular citation format.  For example you could say “On page XXX in the text, Equity Theory is described as . . .”   I think this relates to the Speaker’s approach to motivation as . . .”  Projects should be uploaded using the submission link in Blackboard.  There are 80 total points possible for the living case analysis assignment. Follow the instruction above to complete the project. Save your work in Word. Upload and submit it via the title link by the end of Week 5