Human rights : ageism/elder rights

The first paper is the second assignment of the Global Human Rights Issue Project. It is a 4-5 pages (1200 – 1500 words) research-based paper that focuses on the nature and extent of the global human rights issue/problem. The core details and related subtopics of your selected global human rights issue are the focus of this assignment. 

Essentially, the task revolves around identifying and explaining why a particular human rights issue is significant in a global context. 

1. Why is this a ‘human rights’ issue per se; what makes it a human right in contrast to a privilege?

2.  What are the key features, characteristics, and manifestations of the issue that would lead to the conclusion that it is a substantial global human rights concern/problem? 

3.  What are the complexities and/or related sub-issues?

4.  What specific cases, situations or examples exist to support your comments?

The sources from your preliminary bibliography, and others that you have identified since that assignment, should be the basis of this research paper. A complete bibliography of all sources consulted is required.

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