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I need help with an assignment from the class (Industrial Organization in Manufacturing) that I am taking. I need it to be 100% your word. I need it to have ZREO plagiarism. No citation needed, since it’s your own thoughts and opinions from the topic, It is important to NOT cope or explain the thoughts and opinions of the chapter or others (t’s your own thoughts and opinions). Need it in 24 hours. Attached is the chapter from the book that you need to use in this assignment.



The assignment instructions are below:



First Part :

(In 200 word each write about the following):


1- Read the “something to think about” example at the end of the chapter.  Share your thoughts about one or two of the issues discussed in the text on Can Boeing Shift The Work?


2- Use this as an opportunity to discuss your experiences with labor relations, unions and collective bargaining either as a supervisor or a laborer.  If you have no experience, then discuss how you believe these topics will affect you in the future.




Second Part:


(In the class, I need to respond to the answers of four students from the first part. To explain it more, my classmates some of them answered the question. What you have to do is read them, then respond to it. The respond is like what you think about what he wrote. Also Like do you agree or disagree with what he wrote, what do you like about it and what you can add to his opinions and thoughts. (FYI try to be positive (like agree with him) and also be respectful)



(In 100 word each write a respond about the following):


 (from Q1)

1-Boeing and labor unions is a classic case of the management and the union standing opposite to each other and rather than working together to benefit both the company and the workers.  Here is a short summary of the standoff.  Boeing wanted to open a plant in South Carolina where the workers were not unionized, it has a plant in Washington where workers are unionized and went on a strike.  Boeing said that the strike cost the company a loss of nearly $1.8 billion because they were late delivering the planes. The workers say that while a person gets $15 per hour in Washington in North Carolina he is going to work for $14 per hour. The workers are apprehensive that eventually Boeing will shift all work to the South Carolina plant.  I understand the apprehensions of the workers that they will lose their jobs, but they have to realize this is an era where competition is fierce and the company cannot work profitably if it does not deliver the products in time. It has to pay liability, which can eat in the profit. A union has to understand the changed conditions globally and change accordingly; they cannot go on strike as when their demands are not met. If the company shifts its manufacturing base to a plant where the workers are not unionized then to some extent the fault also lies with the Washington plant workers who went on strike.


(from Q1)


2- Boeing Corporation, builder of finest aircrafts wanted to build its newest commercial jet in South Carolina instead of Washington State where it is currently running its main production. Boeing wanted to shift some of the production of its new ‘Dreamliner’ 787, from union-represented plant to the right to work plant. In my opinion given the situation, the organization has the right to locate manufacturing facilities where they feel they get the best deal in costs. They should not be constrained to a certain location where they originally started. And if the organization can take care of its existing work force without any impact on their wages and work related growth and organizational ethics, there is no reason not to open different locations if the productivity gains are eminent. Whether the workers have the right to choose to be unionized can arise from the regulatory laws governing the state or the nation apart from the local working regulations. It should be up to the worker to choose to join or not to join. However, in the long run joining a strong union always helps a worker in the right time.


(from Q2)


3- Relations between employees whether supervisors or workers are divided into two parts. The first, association within the boundaries of work or relationship within the company and outside and I think I agree with the second relationship. In the case of employee relations, I did not have the experience with union workers. If I have the chance to work in the U.S, I will be with unions workers. Also, the reason of following the union organization is because of the generous interest combination and the higher salary. Furthermore, The collective bargaining is the most likely the unions so that they will have a good job with a great outcome. Also, they will provide the needs to their employees and let them have the full rights. In my opinion, I actually gained more experience with Chapter 16 because it is explaining about what I will be in the future after graduating. To sum up, Collective bargaining and Union make convinced the employees to not separate with racism and have all respect rather than the colors, religions, and genders.

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