Hls body pj | ENF154_200 Homeland Security overview

The topic is Capital riots in 2021


 submit a draft version of your research and analysis section. This is the first version of the main body of your final product where you will get the chance to demonstrate your research and analysis skills regarding an area of homeland security covering vulnerability, planning and preparedness, or response and recovery. You will be graded on this activity, but the important part of this activity is correcting any deficiencies in your research and analysis and in your references. In the national or domestic security professional environment, before a product is produced and published it goes through many stages of being “chopped”. The point of this activity is so you can be exposed to this process and create a near-perfect final product that would be publishable.

Activity Instructions

Use the Final Paper Template (Word version) to submit a draft of the research and analysis section of the final paper.

Tips for Success

As a national security or homeland security professional, the ability to present research and analysis is vital to identifying and countering threats. Furthermore, like in academics, proper resources are key to the foundation of a product. In this activity, ensure you use the Final ppr Template. Reference the Holistic Grading Assistance Guide to help guide you to a quality product. Since this is your research and analysis section, ensure you use multiple sources of information from professionally and academically credible sites.


(I uploaded the topic and intro so it with help you form a body)

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