Glider project and drawing the glider

theory of flight class 


its abou making a glider reaserch paper 5 pages apa  i have already did it but there are a lot missing on my old paper so i would like you to use my old reaserch and fix it .


1- put the size of the glider  

Glider must fit in an 18”x18”x6” box 


2- Final Design (this section should refer the reader to and include a figure, the Three-View Drawing.  This should be a full page drawing to include a top, side, and front view of the glider. 


3- Glider Information (this section should include your research into gliding in general and balsa wood gliders in particular. You should use this research opportunity to investigate what makes a successful long range glider. You do not have to present a specific design in the paper, only the research that will guide your preliminary design.)