Forever bright partners | Operations Management homework help

 Select  ONE COUNTRY from EACH of the columns on the attached sheet. (Free  Market, Socialist, Communist). These are the countries where you have  identified a potential market for your amazing and highly effective new  toothpaste “Forever Bright.” 

I selected NORTH KOREA (Socialist), CHINA (Communist), UNITED KINGDOM (free market)

 RESEARCH  the countries you have selected using the CIA Factbook, globalEDGE, and  Vision of Humanity as a starting point to determine the economic and  political climate for our business venture. 

 For EACH country:  

  1. Identify the OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS to your global business venture posed by the economic/political environment.
  2. If you decide to pursue your business venture in these countries, what are the specific risks that you face as an international business entrepreneur?
  3. What, if anything, can you do to mitigate the risks as an exporter into these countries?

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