Exploring deep-space composition in pan’s labyrinth

My Movie Log #2 Prompt:

Having viewed Pan’s Labyrinth, focus on one stand-out moment/scene that personally moved you and uses deep-space composition. Analyze your stand-out moment based on the following four items (format your log in four brief paragraphs):

  1. Using your words, briefly define “deep space composition”.
  2. What is the moment/scene about and why did you choose it?  What is the purpose of the moment within the context of the movie’s overall story?   (Consider both the explicit and implicit meaning of the moment/scene
  3. Analyze the use of deep-space composition in the moment, and why the filmmakers chose to use it.   Hint:  break down how the filmmakers use the planes of depth (foreground, middleground, background) to convey depth, information, meaning, mood…
  4. In what ways did the use of deep-space composition  move you as an audience member?  Which emotions/feelings were intended to be conveyed by the use of deep-space composition? And in what ways were they delivered by its use?

Format this log in four paragraphs, a paragraph for each of the items above. 

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