Explain the situation using routine activities theory (rat)


Question: Scenario: An area of your city is experiencing car burglaries that are detected by residents when they prepare to leave for work in the morning. They involve the theft of change, iPods, and other items left in the cars. Some involve broken driver or passenger window glass and some had no damage, as the doors were left unlocked. These burglaries happen in a one-square-mile radius which contains several apartment complexes and single-residence neighborhoods. The auto burglaries occur at both.

Instructions: Please explain the situation using routine activities theory (RAT). Once you explain the factors associated with RAT, outline a plan consistent with the RAT principles that will likely reduce this crime issue. Explain why it should reduce auto burglaries. You may provide support from your class materials and text but must include at least on outside empirical peer-reviewed source. Be sure to use in-text citations and references. Replies are expected to be at least three full paragraphs of substance.

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