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 – Individual Assignment: Think about a real situation that you witnessed and apply what you have learned. You should come up with recommendations that would lead to improvements in this sort of situation. – Requirement of the content: 1. Describe (max. 500 words) a situation that: • actually happened • you personally witnessed • raises an issue related to Managing People • shocked/impressed/amazed you 2. Choose two theoretical perspectives from those we discussed in the course, which you consider could help you better understand this situation. Describe the two theoretical perspectives and say something about why you chose these two theories. (max. 500 words) 3. Describe how each of the two perspectives helps you to better understand the situation. (Max 200 words) Suggested structure: I. Cover Page II. Introduction III. Analysis and Findings a. The situation (Q1) b. Literature Review (Q2&3) c. Recommendation IV. Conclusion V. References VI. Appendices Avoid plagiarism Format of citation: Harvard – Two theoretical perspectives based on this book: