English 102 week 2 | English homework help

Paper 1: The Thesis/Introduction/Outline


During Week 2, you will begin reading about the literary genre of the short story and ways to discuss the short story that you chose in Week 1. You will start Paper 1 by focusing on the thesis, introduction, and outline of the paper.

  • Outline for Paper 1
  • Week 2 Discussion 1 

In this discussion, you will be bringing together all the information you read about in this week’s reading sections.

In this discussion post a working thesis statement, outline, and if you’re ready for it, an introductory paragraph for the Paper 1 assignment.

This is where you will use the Short Story you chose in Week 1, Section 4. Choose Your Short Story.  

You will receive feedback on what you submit and be evaluated on your thesis statement and outline by your instructor. Remember: this paper is not due until the end of Week 4. You will have time to revise and work on your thesis so that it will be polished by the time you submit it as part of the final paper. You will be expected to use the feedback you receive here and throughout the upcoming weeks in your continuing development and revision of the paper.

Week 2, Discussion 2. Reflection: Your Short Story and Writing Process

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In this discussion, post your thoughts on the short story you chose for your paper.

Address any areas of the story and/or the theme. Here you can begin a conversation about your story–and engage in conversations about other students’ choices.

You can also reflect on your writing process so far. For example, is anything changing about the way you write?

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