Eng 316 and math 311 discussion question

Question 1. Technical writing English 316 (Half Paragraph)

Week 6 Discussion 1

“Writing Instructions” Please respond to the following:

Discuss the pros and cons for companies to write instructions in multiple languages on the same document.

Is it possible to create assembly instructions that everyone can follow? Discuss the practical nature of creating such a document and the possible trade-offs or pros and cons of attempting to do so.


Question 2. Week 6 Discussion 2 (Half Paragraph)

“Writing Good Instructions” Please respond to the following:

Review the nine steps to composing instructions. Then, assess which is the most likely violation that can occur when writing instructions. Provide your reason(s).


Discuss and give an example when it might be appropriate to omit explanations from your instructions. Then, discuss the possible consequence(s) of the omission.

Question 3. Week 7 Discussion 2 (Half Paragraph)

“PowerPoint” Please respond to the following:

  • Compare      and contrast the best and worst visual presentations you have experienced      as an audience member.  Then, create a list of three “must do” and      three “don’t do” from your experiences.
  • Discuss how      much of a good presentation is the visual aspect and how much is the      speaking or presenting aspect. Discuss which you feel is more important.
  • ==========================================================================

Question 4 Math’s 311 Week 6 Discussion (Half Paragraph)

“Recurrence Relations” Please respond to the following:

Apply recurrence relations to one real-world problem. Discuss the rationale behind your response.


Question 5. Week 7 Discussion (Half Paragraph)

“Recursion Analysis” Please respond to the following:

Examine the most important concept or method used when analyzing problems involving recursion. Provide a rationale with your response.

Analyze the principle of induction and apply it to a real-world problem. Provide an example with your response.

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