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Discussion: Fear and Uncertainty

With military life, there comes a great deal of fear and uncertainty: fear of handling deployments alone, fear of what may occur when a loved one is deployed into a combat zone, fear of death and dismemberment. How do I handle my veteran who is experiencing PTSD?

Uncertainty is another prevalent element as many families do not know where their next station will be, how the children will react to another school, or how they will manage friends or neighbors. Will there be enough housing? Do we have to find outside housing? Will I find another job?

As a helping professional, understanding the needs of military families and adequately supporting them through fear and uncertainty are necessary skills when working with military personnel, veterans, and their families.

For this Discussion, review the media, Coping With Fear and Uncertainty. Listen to both the Wilkinson family and the “Vietnam family.” How did these individuals cope with fear and uncertainty?

Post an explanation of one way the families coped with fear and uncertainty. Was it internal or external? From what type of support could these family members have benefited? What insights did you gain about these military families related to fear, uncertainty, or coping that you could apply to your future work?

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