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Discussion 3: Hypotheses

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Hypothesis Testing

Refer to your Huck text and the chapter titled, “Hypothesis Testing” (or some other source) and then provide the following information:

Based from the variables you presented in the second discussion write a Null and Alternate hypothesis.

  Ho: Null

  Ha: Alternate

The Huck text chapter on hypothesis testing offers many different examples of null and alternate hypothesis. Once you’ve stated your hypotheses, then read the final section of the chapter, The Meaning of Significance. In 3-4 sentences discuss whether or not you think the tests of your hypotheses may be significant in casual everyday language and in terms of statistical significance.


Pearson.Huck, S. W. (2012). Reading statistics and research (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson EducationInc. Companion Website -http://www.readingstats.com/Sixth/index.htmVII

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