Db#3 response to classmate post | cjus702 | Liberty University

You have to response to your classmate post using two peer review articles, reading material, and biblical context. Make sure your reply focuses on a meaningful point made in another student’s thread. Reply provides substantive additional thoughts regarding the thread and an explanation of why “YOU” the student agrees or disagrees with the idea presented in the thread. Reply is clear and coherent. Includes applicable APA format and Christian world view with correctly cited.

NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS, this is just the response not the references. The references is not included, but you do have to have references so I can see where the information came from.

MAKE SURE:    All key components of the Discussion Board Thread prompt are addressed in the thread. The thread has a clear, logical flow. Major points are stated clearly and are supported by reading and study materials, pertinent examples, thoughtful analysis and integration of biblical principles. 

PLEASE READ CH. 12 & 13 in the attached pdf below and also read the discussion board reply grading rubric, also the short 12 & 13 notes from a presentation below that is also attached.

CH 12 located on page 245 (Sherman & Jacobs)

CH 13 located on page 267 (Sherman & Jacobs)

This is due 2/20/2021 Saturday by 1pm. NO LATE WORK!