Cultural immersion project | Multicultural Counseling | Albany State University

Written Evidence of Cultural Immersion Paper:   DEAF CULTURE

Write 1-2 pages reflecting your interview. Which culture did you chose? Who did you interview? Where was the interview held? What did they tell you? (The culture chosen is the Deaf culture. 

Write 5-7 pages discussing the culture itself, your experience in the culture, and your reactions to it. Ensure that you include the following:

A) Characteristics and Strengths

B) Family Structure

C) Cultural and Spiritual Values

D) Specific Challenges

E) Expectations Regarding Counseling

F) Reflection of Your Experience & Implications for Working with this population

Your paper should include at least 3 scholarly resources. APA format. 

Attached are the rubric, Interview questions and answers, the PowerPoint that I turned in already about the Deaf culture, and the project directions of all parts (I completed parts I, II, and IV already). The directions are attached just so that you have an idea of the whole project.  This bid is for Part III.