Consumer acceptance and appropriateness of meat substitutes in a meal | biology

Consumer acceptance and appropriateness of meat substitutes in a meal context.

After reading the article you will write a Journal Article Critique of the article in at least 2 complete, typed pages in .docx format. Each of the questions below must be answered in the critique. Do not just type a. No/Yes b. Impact Journal = etc. etc. This critique should be able to be read independently by another individual that is familiar with the paper but doesn’t have access to this assignment. Basically, it should read like an article that would be submitted to a journal or news source as a review of the research.

The questions below should be answered over the course of the paper and provide enough information for me to understand your rationale for answering all the questions.

The questions that need answered in your critique include (in no particular order):

a. Is the article published in a peer-reviewed journal?

b. Not all journals are created equal. One way to know if a journal is reputable is by looking at its PlumX metric. Using online research, what is a PlumX metric?

c. What has the research done well and what may be wrong with the work and/or findings. You must justify your response or give appropriate rationale. (The bulk of your critique should involve this question)

d. Describe how the author used quantitative data in the article.

e. In what ways were graphs, formulas, or other number data used? If they were not used how did it impact the findings?

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