Case notes | Human Resource Management homework help

access the “CASE STUDIES” folder, and read the cases entitled:

“Univ. of Texas Case” and “NCAA Case”

Read both the University of Texas and the NCAA cases.

Questions to ponder:

Explain the disparity among the “haves” and “have nots” in college athletics.  Is it even possible to balance this disparity within the contemporary collegiate athletics landscape?

Explain how the NCAA may or may not be aligned with its stated mission and core values as an educationally driven non-profit organization.  

What leadership characteristics does the NCAA use to maintain support of its member institutions?

What would be the ramifications for the NCAA if the “Power Five” conferences split away from the NCAA?

What would have been the ramifications of Texas moving to the Pac 12?  What has happened in the Big 12 since?

Please submit your notes and thoughts as you PREPARED this case.  

Your upload is due BEFORE class.