Budget expense/loan/stats ***must be profecent in excel***

See attachment for more details…. 

You are going on a dream vacation with five of your closest friends for a week.  Since you are taking a math course, your friends asked you to come up with a budget to see how much it will cost each of you.  Please identify your location in the US (input in Cell D2) and then determine the total costs (for everyone going) – remember to be thorough so the group does not run out of money.  Your expense list must include the following (this means that you cannot book an all-expenses paid trip):

•Travel expenses, such as plane or bus fare, local travel within the area. 

•Lodging expenses. If you plan to camp, you will include expenses for your 

camping gear. 

•Food expenses while you are on your trip. One way to do this is to research cost of living in your destination county to find out what a local family would expect to budget to pay for food. Another is to research local restaurants and groceries. 

•Entertainment or activity expenses and/or miscellaneous expenses that may occur.

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