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Written Assignment Instructions

All assignments must be at least 5 pages, not including the cover page and table of contents, and must be in current Turabian format. Each assignment must include a bibliography with a minimum of 5 scholarly sources, which can include the course textbooks. 

Written Assignment 1 – Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

For this assignment, you will write a paper detailing the importance of spiritual formation and how it relates to discipleship. Give an overview of the 3 areas related to spiritual growth (Chapters 1,4,6,9,10,12 in Spiritual Formation Is) and detail how it affects the whole person. Explain how walking in and under the control of the Holy Spirit impacts our spiritual development. Finally, take the personal growth assessment (in the lecture notes for Module/Week 2) and reflect on your strong points and weaker points. Then, create some habits and disciplines for each of the 3 areas that you need to work on. 

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.

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