Argumentation essay | English homework help

  (MLA essay) Choose from one of the four topics and write an Argumentative essay.   NO OUTSIDE SOURCES NEEDED 

Argumentative Essay Topics\

  • Divorce destroys family life. 
  • Schools should move toward all electronic textbooks
  • Standardized tests are poor reflections of students’ abilities.
  • Social pressures are greater on students today than in the past.

 THE essay should Have 

  1. Heading (Your name, teacher’s name, class, date on the LEFT)
  2. Title (Your title should be unique and not the same as the topic)
  3. Header (Last name and page number in upper right corner)
  4. Your introduction paragraph should have a thesis statement that clearly states your stance on the argument (specifically state whether you agree or disagree).
  5. Three body paragraphs. In the first two body paragraphs, you should support your opinion.  In the third body paragraph, support the opposing argument (identify what people who do not agree would say about the argument).
  6. Your concluding paragraph should close your essay.

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