Aet 562 week 5 social media policy proposal


Write a minimum 1,400-word business proposal to present to senior leadership within your organization. The proposal will focus on the need to create and implement a social media policy for employees.

Address the following questions pertaining to the policy and responsible social media use:

· What is the importance of setting guidelines for employee use before social media tools are launched within an organization?

· Why should employees carefully consider the content they share within the social media space?

· How might social media tools affect an employee’s online and in-person reputation?

· How can an organization ensure accountability and responsible use of social media within the workplace?

· How is the individual employee affected by responsible use within an organization’s social learning environment?

· How will your proposal for a social media policy enhance the organization’s professional development environment?

Cite at least three peer-reviewed sources.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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