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 B. Family Support/Training Activity: Due: Week Total Value: 20 points Students will prepare a training module for families on one of the topics listed below (or another topic with approval by the instructor). The training module should include a PowerPoint presentation and other handouts appropriate to the training, notes on the information that will be shared beyond the PowerPoint slides,and a resource list for families of where they can find further information on the topic. Training Topics: Coping with a new diagnosis of ASD, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Spina bifada, or another developmental disability Understanding your child with high-functioningASD Understanding your child with autism with a co-occurring condition. Be specific with the condition (e.g., mental health, blindness, Down syndrome) Teaching socialcognition to your child withASD Teaching self-calming to your child with developmental disabilities Making decisions about intervention strategies Supporting siblings of children with a developmental disability The IEP process The transition process Preparing students withASD for adulthood 

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