Activity – analyzing writing strategies and rhetorical tools


Unit 3: Writing Analysis

Activity – Analyzing Writing Strategies and Rhetorical Tools

As we prepare to write our DRAFTS for the Analysis Essay, we are working this week towards making sure that we understand and can use the Strategies for Analysis described in detail in Ch. 6 of the CEL. These strategies help us to “look at the whole” of the text we are analyzing and “find smaller elements” that we can use to break down the text. Completing this activity will prepare you to write your draft.

CR Icon Pencil.png Instructions

Read over the section on “Analysis” in the CEL Ch. 6, p. 169-177. Then, answer the following questions to make sure you are on the right track for analyzing your target text. Remember to look back at the section in the book to help you focus your answers. You can type directly into this document to enter your responses.

NOTE: Write specific responses that include details from the text you are analyzing. (i.e. don’t write, “it appeals to character”; rather, describe in detail HOW it appeals to character)

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