500 words | Sociology homework help

  Summarize and critique one of the readings from the section of our text covered this week. A person should be able to read your brief and get the central argument of the reading you are writing about. For example, what is the central argument that Marx makes in Capital? The brief should have 6 parts:

 (1) Proper bibliographic citation, including the original date of publication. You may need to look this up.
(2) An indication of how this work fits into the overall intellectual career of its author, and the social-historical context of its creation. You may find this in the introductory section of the textbook or any video assigned, or you may do your own research on the author. You do NOT need to go into great depth.
(3) A statement of the key problem addressed by the work (the chapter of the text you are summarizing and critiquing).
(4) A summary of its essential argument.
(5) An account of the kind of support given for that argument.
(6) A critical response, including a statement of what you found most interesting.

This response should be a minimum of 500 words (approximately two double-spaced pages with 12 point font).  Please note that this will go through plagiarism detection. 

The reading is attached. 

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