3-4 page paper needed apa style -victim-focused programs in the

To prepare:

  • Find 3 to 5 outside sources to use in your Assignment.
    • Research victim-focused programs for examples to use when proposing your new program or the implementation of an existing program.
    • Find cases, theories, or other research that you could use to support your proposal.    

The Assignment: 

Write a proposal for one of the following to be implemented in your community or in your current criminal justice practice:

  • A new victim-focused program
  • The implementation of an existing victim-focused program

Your proposal should include the following:

  • A rationale for why the program will be effective in your community
  • A rationale for how the program will help victims
  • A rationale for how the program may also help offenders (if applicable)
  • Your positions should be supported by examples and evidence from your references 

References MUST come from two of the attached articles:

  1. Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Services Program
  2. Victimization of the Homeless: Perceptions, Policies, and Implications for Social Work Practice
  3. And 2 other references of your choice

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