Assignment 2: attentional blink | Psychology homework help

  • Present and discuss at least three occupations in which workers’ performance could be adversely affected by attentional blink. Identify and explain the types of problems or mistakes that might occur in such occupations due to the attentional blink.
  • Several years ago, some vehicle models came with a heads-up display (HUD). Instead of looking down at a panel on the dashboard, speed, distance traveled, fuel level, and time appeared to be displayed over the hood of the car. Discuss this design in terms of divided attention and attentional blink. Do you think the design was a good idea?

Go ahead and start the work I will post paymet for agreement when I leave work.

Leadership exploration project – the best leader

Read Chapter 5 & 6 – See Attached Files

For the next phase of your project, you will prepare a taxonomy that best categorizes the leadership theories you have reviewed.

Assume this will serve as a reference to quickly identify and explain the differences in perspectives about leadership.

Prepare this taxonomy in a table format with the first cell in each row identifying the Leadership Theory such as “situational leadership theory” and the columns defining appropriate distinctions traits between the varying theories.

Hints: Rows are horizontal flow (left to right). Columns are vertical (up and down). In the first cell in each row identify the Leadership Theory (first column: left side running down). The other 3-4 columns are your choice. Anything you can compare or contrast between the theories (variables) will work! Advantages and disadvantages could be 2 ideas. To inset a table in Word, click Insert – Table! 

After you have completed this task, describe the best leader you have ever been exposed to. In a minimum of 2 pages, include the following information:

  • Discuss the arguments for and against each leadership theory as an effective approach.
  • What theories of effective leadership would help explain why you might believe this individual is the “best leader” you have been exposed to?
  • What ideal leadership behaviors were exhibited?
  • What theory will best guide your approach to leadership and why do you feel that this is the best approach?

Your submitted assignment should be 4-6 pages and include correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Why is it imperative for working professionals to pursue mba from an

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Html tables | Computer Science homework help


E31: CS597 Exercise 3 – Tables and Forms

Building HTML Tables

In this part of the exercise, you’ll build a table that will hold my Fall course and office hour schedule as depicted in the image DPittsCourseOFSchedule.pngDPittsCourseOFSchedule.png. You must use the <thead>, <tbody>, and <tfoot> elements for the appropriate parts of the table. Note also, that you will have row and column headings in the table. Finally, note where there are entries that span rows and that span columns. My version uses the following <table> attributes to have the borders shown in the image:

  • border=”2px”
  • cellspacing=”0px”

The first attribute sets the borders to show up and the second squashes the table cells together to have only single line borders.

To complete this exercise do the following:

  1. Download the DPittsCourseOFSchedule.html downloadfile and save it in your CS597 Exercises folder.
  2. Add your name to the meta author tag
  3. Add “Dave Pitts Fall Schedule” to the title tag
  4. Add “Dave Pitts Fall Schedule” to the heading tag
  5. Create the table shown in the image DPittsCourseOFSchedule.png in the HTML file, using the comments to guide where to place the information.
  6. Save DPittsCourseOFSchedule.html

After checking that everything looks right in the HTML file, double-check the results in a browser.

Building an HTML Form

In this exercise you are to HTML a form that displays a product request page as shown in the FormPartForImage.png image. The form has four fieldsets. I use <br /> tags to break lines in the fieldsets. I use <h2> elements in the Selections fieldset for the radiobutton and checkbox rows. The input control for the quantities are number <input> controls with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20. The The control to select shipping is a <select> element, which uses <option> tags to give the options to choose.


To complete this exercise, do the following:

  1. Download the FormPart.html download template and save it in your CS597 Exercises folder.
  2. Edit the meta author tag to contain your name
  3. Edit the title tag to contain “Product Request Form”.
  4. Edit the top level heading to contain “Product Request Form”.
  5. Create a Form with the <form></form> tag pair, and include the information specified in the HTML file.
  6. Create the fieldset with a legend (“Identifying Information”) that requests the customers first and last name, email address, and address. Use text type <input> elements. Specify an id and name attribute for the <input> elements. Use a <label> element to identify the inputs.
  7. Create the fieldset with legend (“Selections”) that requests the customer choices. The titles should be <h2> heading elements. The color selection is a radiobutton group. Only one of the buttons may be selected. The product selection is a row of checkboxes. Each button’s identifying text should be a <label> element refering to the button id attribute. Each button should also have a name attribute as well as a value attribute. The value of the button value attributes should be the identifying text (for example “Red” or “Sweater”). The quantity inputs are number type <input> elements with minimum values of 1 and maximum values of 20.
  8. Create the fieldset with legend (“Shipping Selection”) that requests how the customer wants their products shipped. Use a <select> element with three <option> elements: One Day Shipping; Two Day Shipping; and Regular Business Shipping. The <<,,select> element must have a name attribute.
  9. Create the fieldset with legend (“Submit your order”) that will allow the customer to submit their order. The <textarea> should have a name attribute and specify eight rows and 50 columns. Use the submit type <input> element.
  10. Save the FormPart.html

After checking that everything looks right in the HTML file, double-check the results in a browser. When you are satisfied that everything is correct, submit the two HTML files in a zip archive. The HTML files must be at the top level of the zip archive.

Chocolate nirvana | Accounting homework help

Queta Johnson is about to open a new business – Chocolate Nirvana.  It will be a small chocolate specialties store.  She plans on selling a limited number of hand-made molded candies, some of which are holiday specific and others that are of a more generic nature, as well as carrying a line of top-end candy bars.  The majority of her sales will come from walk-in customers which will all be on a cash only basis.  In addition, she will also sell direct to two local businesses, on account, with terms 1/10,n/30.  She anticipates working full-time at the store and needing the help of four part-time employees.  She uses  a perpetual FIFO (First-in, First-Out) method to account for her inventory.  So, every time you record a sale of merchandise, whether on account (Sales Journal) or for cash (Cash Receipts), you must also figure out the cost of the goods (determined from recording it in the merchandise inventory sheets and applying FIFO).

Functional behavior | Science homework help

Every behavior is exhibited either to gain or avoid something.  When learning to modify a target behavior, the first step is to find out what is the function of the behavior (gaining or avoiding), and then identify its purpose. 

Read Chapter 8, Formal Behavior Assessment, and Chapter 9, Functional Behavior Assessment, in your textbook. Then, read the articles, Functional behavior assessment (FBA) and Functional behavioral assessment: Confucting a functional behavioral assessment (FBA).

Complete the STAR legacy module, Functional Behavioral Assessment: Identifying the Reasons for Problem Behavior and Developing a Behavior Plan, beginning with the “Challenge” section and following the self-guided tutorial. Complete the following seven “Assessment” questions (also at the conclusion of the module):

  • Describe a school-based example of two of the following: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, or extinction.
  • Discuss at least two benefits of conducting an FBA to address problem behaviors.
  • After watching the video (located in the assessment section of the module), and filling out the A-B-A analysis form on Kira (the girl in the white shirt), discuss what the function of Kira’s behavior is.
  • Nigel’s problem behavior includes cursing, making derogatory comments toward other students, yelling, spitting, and shoving chairs.  Discuss the type of a measurement system you would use to collect data on Nigel’s problem behaviors and explain your answer.
  • Using the information on the matrix for Nigel (located in the assessment section of the module), determine a possible function of the behavior.  Be sure to include a hypothesis statement.
  • Look at the graph (located in the assessment section of the module). The objective of the function-based intervention was to reduce the instances of Nigel’s problem behaviors (i.e., cursing, making derogatory comments toward other students, yelling, spitting, and shoving chairs) during a twenty-minute small-group activity.  Discuss whether or not the intervention was successful. If you were the teacher, would you keep, modify, or discontinue the intervention?  Explain your answers.
  • Discuss how you would go about evaluating an unsuccessful intervention. Include two specific factors that you would examine and explain why they are important.

Accounting records in the current year of coronet co.

Indicate how the following items are recorded in the accounting records in the current year of Coronet Co.

(a) Impairment of goodwill.

(b) A change in depreciating plant assets from accelerated to the straight-line method.

(c) Large write-off of inventories because of obsolescence.

(d) Change from the cash basis to accrual basis of ac- counting.

(e) Change from LIFO to FIFO method for inventory valuation purposes.

(f) Change in the estimate of service lives for plant assets

A firm expects to install smog control equipment on the exhaust of a

A firm expects to install smog control equipment on the exhaust of a gasoline engine. The local smog control district has agreed to pay to the firm a lump sum of money to provide for the first cost of the equipment and maintenance during its 10-year useful life. At the end of 10 years the equipment, which initially cost $10,000, is valueless. The firm and the smog control district have agreed that the following are reasonable estimates of the end-of-year maintenance costs:

Year 1           $75        Year 6        $200

         2           $100               7        $225

         3           $125               8        $250

         4           $150               9        $275

         5           $175               10      $300

Elasticity of supply for haircuts

1) If the price elasticity of demand for used cars priced between $3,000 and $5,000 is Ac€?o1.2 (using the mid-point method), what will be the percent change in quantity demanded when the price of a used car falls from $5,000 to $3,000?

2) Suppose that when the price of peanut butter rises from $2 to $3 per jar, the quantity of jelly purchased falls from 20 million jars to 15 million jars.
Instructions: Round your answer to three decimal places and include a negative sign if appropriate.
The cross-price elasticity of demand between peanut butter and jelly using the midpoint method is_________.

3)If the price of a haircut is $15, the number of haircuts provided is 100. If the price rises to $30 per haircut, barbers will work much longer hours, and the supply of haircuts will increase to 300.

Instructions: Round your answers to two decimal places.

The price elasticity of supply for haircuts between $15 and $30 using the mid-point method is _______.

Twenty observations on etch uniformity on silicon wafers

Twenty observations on etch uniformity on silicon wafers are taken during a qualification experiment for a plasma etcher. The data are as follows:


(a) Construct a 95 percent confidence interval estimate of σ2

(b) Test the hypothesis that σ2 = 1.0. Use α = 0.05. What are your conclusions?

(c) Discuss the normality assumption and its role in this problem.

(d) Check normality by constructing a normal probability plot. What are your conclusions?