2-3 page essay ( you need to read two story that i give before

”The Old Nurse’s Story”(1852)        


”Bisclavret” is on the file.

Possible Outline: 

There should be 5 paragraphs 

1. should have 4 things.



Quick summarize (give just 1 sentence to summarize each story), 

What you gonna do in the essay.


Pick one of these story ” the old nurse’s story” or ”Bisclavret”

(I want u to choose the ”Bisclavret”)

So the first body paragraph should write why you don’t like ”the old nurse’s story”


Why you like the ” Bisclavret “


Why you like the “Bisclavret”


( Cause I am a Chinese student, so you need to write as a second language leaner.)